City Market at O


Create an identity for a mixed-use development that spans the gap from U Street to Chinatown. Factor in the rich, historic community fabric of Shaw and blend it with ultra-modern luxury apartments, a flagship Giant, and more. Give the client a competitive advantage in an aggressive residential leasing corridor. 


Tell the story of Shaw and how the cultural rebirth of the district comes to life at City Market at O. Honor the past while looking forward. Communicate a sense of place and build excitement. 


The 407 market-rate residential units in City Market at O’s first phase leased up a year ahead of schedule, achieving stabilization in less than 13 months. The lease up occurred at an average pace of 31 units per month. As of March 2015, the lease-up has outpaced all other multifamily properties in DC and the Mid-Atlantic Region, with 98.28% of the property’s units leased. 

  • [from left to right:]
    logo and identity system
    aluminum portfolio
    leasing center design