May 22, 2018


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Should you continue advertising on Facebook’s dying platform?

Ever feel like you are being followed around by that pair of shoes you searched for last week?  Or an apartment website you visited last month?  That’s because advertisers are tracking you, or you fit into a demographic profile that was proven to respond to pitches.  Facebook provides an open pathway into the hearts and minds of users, ripe for mining. Access to deep dive demographics and psychographics. Pixel codes. Look-alike audience building capabilities. With the recent revelations about interference in the 2016 elections, corporation privacy breaches, and the escalation of group hate speech and crimes in places like Sri Lanka, it’s no surprise that people are worried about putting themselves and their businesses on the platform.

So, should you continue to advertise on Facebook?

As advertisers, we question the vulnerability of Facebook and other social platforms.  We question if it’s wise to continue to push content for our clients with ever changing algorithms and within fake or hostile content streams.  We believe organic content on this particular platform has lost relevance and thus has lost justification for investment.

As an advertising platform, we view Facebook differently.  The days of always recommending it have passed.  For our clients, we are evaluating each situation and making recommendations based on the business, the business model, and the audiences to be reached. More importantly, we are looking out on the horizon for what’s next. While it’s hard to image replacing a social media channel the size of Facebook, think about AOL and other nearly forgotten tech media giants who puttered out. We believe that a bigger, safer platform for connection is coming.

Facebook is not dead.  It just became a whole lot less relevant.

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