May 20, 2019


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“Take Your Child to Work Day” was last month and we added two Golden pups to our staff. At 10 and 8 years old, they were eager to learn and see what their mom really does all day long. We tasked them with designing logos, writing stories, and snapping images for their own Instagram grid. They were surprised to find out Mom’s job is fun, but it’s also hard work!

While intended to be an opportunity to show the next generation a slice of office life, it was the pups who did us a favor. Through their eyes we witnessed how creative problem solving, storytelling, and playing with color and images is the best way to spend the day. We were reminded of how fortunate we are to love what we do.

Our Golden pups even had a thing or two to share about work-life balance, including “Do you guys ever get to eat?” to “Working here is super fun. I want to apply for a job!”

We believe creativity is best nurtured, starts young, and comes from everywhere and everyone. Take a peek at the Golden pups’ impressive output.

The Business post by .