March 19, 2018


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As a luxury retailer, Barney’s New York chooses to evolve rather than succumb to the hype of the retail apocalypse. Danielle Vitale, Barney’s CEO, leads the charge— “Retailers could no longer afford to be just retailers, they need to engage with customers on multiple planes—physical, social, digital—and all of those need to be connected.”
Since its beginning, Barney’s has been recognized for expressing their unique style in their creative advertising campaigns; however, they are now engaging their audience and customers on an entirely new level: virtual reality.
Joining forces with the iconic New York institution, the Martha Graham Dance Company, as well as Samsung, Barney’s New York has reinvented how their brand connects with consumers through their Virtual Reality Short Film dubbed Mantle.
The short film brings the modern designs of notable fashion designers including The Row, Prabal Gurung, Rick Owens, Loewe, and Craig Green to life. It celebrates the arts - fashion, dance, and technology - while giving consumers a top-of-the-line experience.
According to Zach Overton, VP of Brand Experience at Samsung Electronics America, “No other medium can really envelop consumers into a brand universe and create brand affinity like virtual reality.”
As creatives and consumers, we understand the experiential shift in the retail industry and continue to be inspired to help our clients reach their customers in a 360º, immersive way.

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