July 30, 2019


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The dog days of summer are here in DC.  The long, scorching days bleed into hazy afternoons with thunderstorms whose loud claps and booms, thankfully, cool things down and transform our perceptions of the evening.

As storytellers and brand stewards, we are very attuned to the art of building suspense for our clients.  We set the stage with a brand story. Start with a compelling narrative, add an enviable protagonist, and then leave crumbs that encourage exploration and connection.  Creating a brand story is an organic process, and when woven correctly, is seamlessly integrated into every facet of the brand.

But what happens when something – for example, one destructive tweet – derails the story? When the audience is hanging on a few angry words (aka “Twitter rage”), when negative emotions are running high, does everything then fall apart?


In these instances, in the heat of the storm, it is more imperative than ever to engage the core elements of your story and activate all of the tools at your disposal.  This is when you dig in and push the big picture by displaying your core values, delivering your brand promise, and achieving your particular goals.  Focus. Focus. Focus.

Be proactive with a few on-hand, polite responses to anticipated comments. Stay positive and never amplify the negative.  And remember, one stray lightning bolt never ruins the entire day.

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