June 7, 2017


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From coast to coast, Gold Dog's clients continue to inspire, innovate, and think outside of the box when it comes to mixed-use real estate. The article below from Oregon Business describes how siblings Jay and Charlene Zidell are at the forefront of the transformation of a barge building site into a vibrant waterfront destination in Portland, Oregon.

Siblings Jay and Charlene Zidell add real estate as port of call.

In an interview, Jay Zidell and his sister Charlene Zidell come across as very different personalities.

Jay, the 69-year-old president of the Zidell family of companies, doesn’t mince words and is not exactly emotive. Charlene, 67, a former public-sector labor lawyer who directs programming for Zidell’s real estate division, is lively and enthusiastic. But the siblings have at least one trait in common.

“I like to work,” says Jay, who is sitting in a conference room in the company’s low- slung headquarters in the South Waterfront neighborhood. “It’s a genetic flaw,” laughs his sister.

“If I’m not physically here,” Charlene says, “I’m probably thinking what kind of deal can be put together.”

Over the past few years, the Zidells have been applying their work ethic to a radically new project. The project kicks off symbolically in June, when the company’s iconic 55-year-old barge-building division, Zidell Marine Corporation, finishes its 277th and last vessel — to be named, aptly, Zidell Marine 277.

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