September 9, 2014


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The beauty of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other social platforms is that they provide a measurable means of building a tribe that is committed and engaged in your brand. Yay! The dark side is that many clients focus only on the statistical data to determine the success of a channel.. When it comes to anything social 10,000 fans is always better than 1,000, right? Not so fast. If this were true you could simply purchase followers online to build an audience. Don’t believe us? Just Google “buy Twitter followers cheap” and see what you find. And why stop at followers, you can even buy retweets and post likes. This approach may even lift your channel in overall social relevance, but does it elevate your brand? Beyond the obvious ethical considerations , contemplate your brand. The entire point of using social media to communicate with your audience is to form deep connections with and amongst your followers. Social outlets are a tangible voice of your brand. This voice delivers relevant content, images, inspiration, and messages to your followers. The goal – building common ground and ultimately trust. We think big numbers are great and certainly a sign that you are doing something right. But numbers alone do not outweigh authentic connection and engagement. A loyal, dedicated group of followers are the ones that will buy your product or service and share with their friends. That’s how your brand gains real “klout.”

The Business post by .