December 21, 2015


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Sage advice about dating and relationships in general.  And, of course, in a broader sense, this statement applies to market research. In his article, “Milkshake Marketing,” Clay Christensen wisely points out the dichotomy of research.  Consumers will tell you many things about how they intend to buy or use a product or service.  They articulate their thoughts honestly. But their behavior is sometimes quite different than their words. According to Christensen, 95 percent of new consumer products fail.  He points out that most marketers start with segmentation, and group consumers into demographic profiles thinking they have the same intent or “job” for the product.  By watching actual use, marketers can uncover the true “job” or value for the product. We believe there’s an additional layer to consider.  A product or service definitely has a rational reason to be selected.  However, the magic lies in an additional layer:  the emotional component.  The emotional layer allows a consumer to connect on a deeper level.  This connection drives loyalty and peer-to-peer sharing. Do the research.  Talk to consumers.  And, most importantly, watch your consumers as they interact with your product or service.  Ask them why they care, how the product or service makes them feel, and how it has the potential to impact their relationships or life.  Guaranteed, you will be educated and find that “a-ha” moment that separates an average brand campaign from one that is amazing – and delivers amazing results.

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