April 29, 2015


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Disruption:  displacing the established with innovation.  Blowing the roof off.  Trend setting. Telling a story in a manner not previously attempted.  Creating followers and a tribe of true believers. Carving a new path.  Leaping forward. It is an act of fearlessness. And it can feel risky.

Disrupters are admired, if not in the moment, in history. We wonder what would have happened if Henry Ford asked a focus group to envision a world where horses would be replaced with a new method of transportation?  If Richard Branson tested the name Virgin?  If DeBeers asked the masses if they liked “diamonds are forever”?

In our business, disruption means looking at our clients’ product, market, and business in a fresh manner.  It means forming a solid strategy that challenges conventional thinking and the way things “have always been done.” It means daring to see things differently.  It requires a vision and the tenacity to pursue that vision wholeheartedly.

Disruption is a highly effective strategy when it meets the client’s vision and is true.  But it is not for the faint of heart.

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