December 16, 2014


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We like the idea of upending conventional thinking, especially when it comes to the notion of, “it’s a man’s world.” It should come as no surprise, then, that our team is inspired by female leaders and entrepreneurs who empower other women and aren’t afraid to shake things up. Enter #GIRLBOSS, the edgy business memoir penned by Sophia Amoruso, the founder, CEO and creative director of NastyGal, a $100 million+ online retailer with over 350 employees and more than a million fans on both Facebook and Instagram.

Amoruso chronicles her rise to the top of the e-commerce game in just eight short years, from the start of her own eBay store, up through what has become one of the fastest growing retailers in the country. Her website,, racks up 550,000+ visits per day from over 60 countries worldwide. It was her tenacious work ethic and fearless attitude that got her to where she is today and we should all take a page out of her book (literally). Check it out on Amazon

Tail Waggin Good post by .