Pike & Rose

CHALLENGE Reframe what was once a location known for having a dated strip mall in the heart of Rockville and turn it into a walkable, livable neighborhood. Now that the property is open, how can we entice people to want to live, shop, work and dine there?

SOLUTION Engage early and often to convert the interested into true believers, and embrace Rockville Pike rather than ignoring the location. Tell the story of what living at Pike & Rose is like, through the eyes of four different couples. “So Happy Together” combines strong messaging and imagery to help bring the operating property of Pike & Rose to life.

RESULTS Phase 1 retail space is 100% leased, office is 90% leased and the first residential building is stabilized. Phase 2 is under construction with considerable momentum. Over 10,000 names are in the database, with an average open rate of 45% and a click rate of 7%.

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