Unite a 29-year-old apartment community with an all-new luxury tower and townhomes. Position it within the context of an emerging downtown Philadelphia neighborhood on the cusp of world-class museums, dining, sports, and more. Positively promote old and new residential options while taking care not to alienate current residents throughout the construction process. 


The first step was to rename and brand the community. We created the name NORTHxNORTHWEST to suggest the location as well as the idea of bringing things together. Old and new, traditional and modern, fitness and culture all come together here. The tagline, “Find your balance” lets us communicate the location north of Center City as well as the balanced blend of amenities the new development will provide. The location is the star of the new brand because it encompasses everything that makes Philadelphia great: an authentic urban grit, proximity to parks and nature, an appreciation for arts and culture, unique dining and shopping options, and a fondness for sports and fitness. Our comprehensive campaign includes a website, signage, leasing office design and materials, and a focused social media presence. 


The new tower is fully leased and the buildings continue to do well. 

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