Harbor East


Harbor East is a game changer for Baltimore, a city comprised of well-established neighborhoods with distinct personalities. Harbor East was a new area that people were somewhat familiar with, but it lacked cohesiveness, identity and pizzazz. Gold Dog was tasked with building awareness of their high-end hotels, shopping, dining and entertainment, as well as giving the young neighborhood a soul – one with very, very good taste. 


Create a brand that promotes Harbor East as THE luxury neighborhood in Baltimore and a destination for professional shoppers, foodies and lovers of the good life. Gold Dog developed an integrated marketing campaign with new imagery, ads and signage, social media initiatives and special events that showcased Harbor East’s five-star lifestyle and positioned it as a place where businesses thrive. 


Harbor East has come into its own. By creating a unique and unified brand for the area, we helped bring national attention (and a bit of swagger) to this side of the Harbor. We used cross-channel media strategies to promote the campaign and events, such as FashionEasta and Fit+, both of which had their highest participation and attendance record to date. Merchants and sponsors including Under Armour, MAC, City Sports and lululemon also saw a sharp rise in sales. 

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