May 31, 2016


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Here at Gold Dog, we find ourselves attracted to fashion as an important means of self-expression. After all, branding is about telling your unique story to the world. With every pair of jeans, jewelry, or jacket, you’re informing others of your personal brand. Years ago, savvy designers recognized the opportunity to make their brand part of this narrative (think Gloria Vanderbilt jeans and all things Calvin Klein).

What about tattoos? Is a tattoo the last form of an original, personal brandmark? And what do tattoos say about our need to differentiate ourselves?

Interesting that 36 percent of Millennials and 40 percent of GEN X have at least one (if not multiple) tattoos. That number shrinks dramatically for those over 40 (just 10 percent admit to having a tattoo).

In a world where social media like Snapchat has made fleeting moments the norm, do we as humans crave symbols of permanence that are ours alone?

Tattoos are art that lets us tell a story to the world. It's not about someone else’s brand—it’s about us. We believe that's one kind of proof that storytelling and meaningful, personalized content will never grow old. And that idea really gets our tails wagging.

P.S. For those of us who are a bit squeamish about permanent ink, check out Tattly for temporary tattoos – these designs last about 10 days.

Inspiration, Tail Waggin Good post by .