January 9, 2018


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Several years ago, we were taking trips to Boston several times a month. We’d slog to the airport on cold mornings for the 7 am flight, shuffling our way through a long security line to eventually get our hands on a just-okay cappuccino.

Then along came Bette.

Bette Nash is an American Airlines flight attendant who instantly warmed our day. For those of you who have not had the opportunity to personally experience a greeting from Bette, check out this NBC News segment.

Isn’t she the best? Bette has been a flight attendant for 60 years and epitomizes service and grace. She makes each and every person she encounters feel special, welcomed, safe, and loved.

Sure, “love” is a pretty strong word, but it’s true.  She remembers names, genuinely cares about what you do, what you’re wearing, and how you’re feeling. And her joy is contagious. In a world filled with cynicism, she knocks down barriers.  In a world where digital communications attempt to rival human connection, she reminds us that nothing will ever replace human contact and a genuine desire to create a great experience.

It’s clear she loves what she does. And this makes all the difference.

So that’s why we are inspired to be the Bette.  To greet each challenge and moment with a will to serve, connect, and do better.


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