December 9, 2015


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We love Kate Spade for its quirky boldness—in color, smart design, thinking differently, and acting on it. True to its daring attitude, Kate Spade’s latest #missadventure series of fun, mini episodes featuring Anna Kendrick pairs wit with whimsy and delivers holiday brilliance.

A celebration of empowered females, these “missadventures” feature the likes of Iris Apfel, Gloria Steinem, Lily Tomlin, and Zosia Mamet. In each, Anna turns distress into success through feministic heroism, all the while inviting the audience to laugh along. We love the people, products, spontaneity, and consistency—and how it all ties back to the boldness of the Kate Spade brand.

View the MissAdventures here: #MissAdventure

Inspiration, Tail Waggin Good post by .