Well known within Arlington and beyond, Ballston Common Mall did not have a social media presence prior to being rebranded as Ballston Quarter. Our challenge was to establish a Ballston Quarter community before there is a real “there there” and to give people a genuine sense of what is to come—all while supporting existing retail and services during the lengthy construction process.

Leverage the brand’s “Life Uncommon” theme. Create a genuine sense of excitement about what is to come while supporting existing merchants. To accomplish this, we created a series of branded posts supporting the “uncommon” theme. We also produce regular original content including a motion series entitled “Uncommon Shorts.” The short videos communicate the core values of the brand as they support existing merchants. Our monthly promotional posts and giveaways keep consumers coming back to experience the vision of the place even as it is being built. In addition, we create regular on-site events that enhance social engagement as they soften the construction phase for retail customers and tenants.

Ballston Quarter’s digital campaign has built a strong buzz since launching in May 2016. As just under a year, Facebook has gained 1,600+ followers and Instagram is quickly approaching 1,500, with consistent growth each month. As leases are signed and the new destination takes shape, traffic and engagement rates are well above the 4.3% industry average (11% on Instagram; 8% on Facebook). The campaign has boosted database signups, website traffic as well.

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